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Torque Calculation of VFD-Motor
I want to calculate the Torque a 3-phase induction motor

I am running a 3-phase induction motor of 22KW by ABB 22kW AC drive. I want to calculate the torque which is required to display on DCS.
Is it possible to calculate with RPM and current?

You will need to make some assumptions, since torque is proportional to the frequency of the rotor current and the square of the flux density. That said, if all you need is running torque, at no more than ~110% of full load, then a linear approximation can be made from speed and nameplate data.

It's Possible, Power = Torque * Speed/5252 -> So With this, torque can be calculated, and Torque = Force * Radius If it has any Extension Arm.

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About what type of the ABB are you talking?

For example, ACS600 can display the actual torque and even send it to the analogue output as well (as percentage of the motor nominal torque). Parameter 1.05 in the Group 1 (Actual signals). As already mentioned above, to calculate the motor torque (on the motor shaft) you can use simple formula:

T = P / S
T - Motor torque (Nm), Instantaneous value
P - Useful (or Net) Motor Power (Watt), Instantaneous value
S - Motor speed (rad/sec), Instantaneous value