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Working Schematics Revision Control
We are currently trying to implement a drawing revision control system in our company and I am looking for comments or thoughts from others in a similar situation.

I work for an automation company and we are currently trying to implement a revision control process for our electrical schematics and I am curious as to how others have implemented it in their workplace.

The drawing books we provide to the workshop floor could be anywhere from 5 pages to 100 pages and occasionally we may have to make changes to these during the build stage. 

Normally we would make the changes on paper and update our full set of drawings at the end of the build.

Our quality team feels that for proper revision control a new set of drawings should be issued each time a change is made.

Where I can see where they are coming from, it may turn into a huge waste of paper printing off drawing books multiple times.

How does it work in other compaines??

Does anyone know of any electronic means we could use to allow electricians to wire from and mark drawings for updating?

Thanks in advance.