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Hydraulic Pump FR6 Turbine
Looking for information about the best hydraulic pump for Frame 6001 applications


I`m looking for information to purchase an Hydraulic pump for turbine frame 6001 John Brown and the accessories (OEM). If someone has information what is the most appropriate pump which will suit the best as to use for different application like to move IGV`s and gas valves and backup for the main hydraulic pressure pump of the turbine itself.

Thank You in advance.


The hydraulic pump itself is usually identical to the one used for the Accessory Gear-driven Main Hydraulic Pump. And you will need an AC motor to drive the pump; there is probably already a place to mount the AC motor-drive (Auxiliary) Hydraulic pump on the top of the L.O. Tank, usually very near the Gas Fuel Compartment. And you will need to have necessary tubing and a manifold which is capable of preventing back-flow through the non-running pump (using an air-bleed check valve), and a relief valve to protect the system against over-pressurization. (It's possible the manifold is already present, but lacks the second air-bleed check valve and relief valve, which could be added if the ports are present.) And a motor starter for the AC motor. And, a pressure switch to sense low hydraulic pressure (if you want the turbine control system to automatically switch to the AC (Auxiliary) Hydraulic Pump on low hydraulic system pressure when the Main pump is running. And, you will need to add an input to the turbine control system for AC (Auxiliary) Hydraulic Pump motor starter status, and an output for starting/stopping the AC (Auxiliary) Hydraulic Pump. As well as modifying the turbine control system to provide the desired automatic functionality.

It's not a simple task, especially if you want automatic operation of the AC (Auxiliary) Hydraulic Pump. Sourcing the pump is easy; it's all the other things required to control the new pump and motor, and to connect it to the system to protect the system.

I don't have any drawings to share, but some sites have used temporary tubing to manually re-connect the output of the DC Hydraulic Ratchet Pump to the Hydraulic System to be able to "stroke" the hydraulically-operated devices without cranking the turbine. The problem with this is that (and you should check your L.O.- and Starting Means P&IDs for the machine at your site to verify this) the DC Hydraulic Ratchet Pump draws unfiltered L.O. from the L.O. tank, which means unfiltered oil will get into the Hydraulic System and into the servo-valves. So, if you decide to go this route--please make sure there is a filter on the output of the DC Hydraulic Ratchet Pump to prevent dirty oil from getting into the Hydraulic System and contaminating the servo-valves. (Yes; there are usually filters immediately before the servo-valves, but they are really only "rock-catchers" and not very capable of capturing smaller contaminants.)

Hope this helps! Perhaps other readers of this thread who temporarily connect the DC Hydraulic Ratchet Pump output to the hydraulic system could share a link to their drawings and/or pictures (via a sharing site, like Google Drive) to help you in determining how to accomplish this--but, again, do use a filter to protect the system!