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Pumps tripping
HRSG feed water pumps kept tripping

All the HRSG feed pumps in service trip about five times within an eight hour shift and always and causing instability, creating temperatures going up and with pressures also unstable.

What are the causes and the implications thereafter?


When did this problem start? After a maintenance outage? After a plant blackout?

Have you checked the pump suction strainers to see if they are clear or clogged (choked)?

When the pump trips, what is the condition that is tripping the pump?




Are the pumps driven by induction motors?

Do the pump motors have variable frequency drives?

What do you have to do to re-start the pumps?

Overcurrent would tend to lead one to believe there is some kind of overload (too much water flow/pressure demand). Generally, current draw is indicative of the amount of water flow and pressure--if the setpoint is suddenly jumping up, that could be a problem.

But, you likely have the indication of what the problem is--whatever it is that has to be reset to re-start the pumps.

Please write back to let us know what you find!