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L45HT5HH-Votter Mismatch
Turbine system and the monitor show error "L45HT5HH-Votter mismatch <S>." This problem is related with <QD2>.


we faced to the problem with the turbin system and the monitor show the error of 'L45HT5HH-Votter mismatch <S>'. this problem is related with <QD2>. and we found out when we changed the ds200tcdah1bhe board, after that all problems are solved.

we read about this problem in other forums. we think if we change PROM (ds200tcdaf1bci 01 pdc02120617.5), probably we can use the board again. because of this spare part is too expensive we want to make sure about it that is our problem.

dear hamid_hkh13,

If there is only one Diagnostic Alarm associated with a single TCDA card, it's highly unlikely that changing PROMs will solve the problem. If the Diagnostic Alarm is just for a single input on a single TCDA card, it's most likely a problem with the “channel” on the card.

If there is an unused (“spare”) contact input in either <QD1> or <QD2>, you could reassign the input to the unused input (it's not that easy, but it's not that hard, either) and 'abandon' the input the signal is currently connected to.

That's about the best way to save money.

Hope this helps! Please write back to let us know what you discover and how you proceed.