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Barrier for Temperature Sensor
Does temperature sensor (Pt-1000-Skin type) require barrier/isolator in flameproof panel when used in hazardous zone 1 area?

Dear all,

please guide me regarding the requirement of Barrier/Isolator for Pt-1000 skin sensor in flameproof panel when used in hazardous zone 1 area. Sensors will be field mounted, & it will be brought to panel through Ex.d Junction box.

please convey the reasons for the above query.

Thanks in advance!

Have a great day ahead.

You've mentioned Ex.d, flameproof and isolation barrier in one go!

Which method of safety is to be used?

If you are using an Ex.d Junction Box, then you would have an Ex.d field sensor wired accordingly.
The point is you need to know what you are doing in a possible explosive environment - you don't necessarily have a second chance.