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Test SDCCG4A Card GE Mark V
SDCCG4A Card GE Mark V cannot communicate to other cards

Dear all,

I have tested three SDCCG4A cards and all the result is always A4 (cannot communicate to other cards and can't download iocfg). note: I put PROM from existing cards. The existing cards on the Panel is SDCCG5A. Are there any differences between SDCCG4A & SDCCG5A? I think both cards should match to Mark V type B (Hybrid B). So, why I keep get A4 every time I test SDCCG4A? Are all the cards I test is failed card? Or maybe there are some ways to configure SDCCG4A?

Where can I get Mark V card compatibility information/document?


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Sometimes cards have slightly different hardware ("Berg") jumpers, but in general all the jumpers on the new card should match the positions on the old card (that is, put the jumpers on the new card in the same positions as you found them on the old card).

Next, because the EEPROM on the new card is blank, the card doesn't know what processor it is located in. You have to tell it, using the SLCC display/keypad. I believe the process is described in the Mark V Maintenance Manual, GEH-5980. (If you're putting a SDCC card in <C> (or <D>) you also have to give it a StageLink ID using the SLCC display/keypad, for which I believe there is a procedure in the Maintenance Manual, also.) It's called setting the 'Voter ID.'

Once you tell the card where it's located, and if it is to have a StageLink ID, you should be able to download FORMAT to the SDCC and then re-booting the processor (using the switch/cable in the TCPD), to format the EEPROM in preparation for downloading ALL, and then re-boot the processor (using the switch/cable in the TCPD). (Yes; ALL includes FORMAT, but it's better to FORMAT only first, then download ALL). Sometimes, while you're downloading the processor will go to A7--but DON'T trust that. Always wait until the download is finished, and THEN re-boot the processor to make sure the A7 is "real."

Here's a little tip I used very effectively. Swap the U9 EEPROM chip from the old card to the new card. Unless the EEPROM chip was damaged, it will have ALL the proper configuration information from the previous card and you won't have to set the Voter ID, or the StageLink ID.

Please write back to let us know how you fare!


I have swap EEPROM chip U9 from the old card to the new card and the result is A4. And I also make the jumper config the same as the old card. If we swap the EEPROM and equate jumper config, I think it is no need to download and the card will go to A7 smoothly because all the config is in the EEPROM..

I just want to make sure that the new card I test is not damaged card or maybe I miss something in configure SDCCG4A.

So basically SDCCG4A can be used to replace SDCCG5A, can't it?



Only GE could say with 100% certainty if the G4A could replace a G5A. I was only providing details about the process of replacing an SDCC card in the hope that something might help with your problem.

The last thing I might suggest is to carefully ensure the ribbon cable that connects the SLCC to the SDCC to the TCQA (and to the optional TCQB, if so equipped) is good. That cable has no pull-tabs and can be easily damaged during removal. A4 basically means the cards can't communicate with one another.

I have seen one instance where a TCPS card fuse failure caused a similar inability to get past A4. Have you checked all the fuses on the TCPS (some are very small and hard to find).

But, again, Only GE Salem could say with 100% certainty if a G4A could replace a G5A.

Please write back to let us know how you fare!


The 3 fuses of TCPS is OK. And all the ribbon cable is ok too. When I change the card to SDCCG5A it's OK and reach A7. So I will assume that our SDCCG4A cards is damaged.

Thanks CSA!


Thanks for the feedback!

I also found GE document GEI-100029C that explain more detail about replacing SDCC card. For those who want to learn more detail about SDCC Card can learn from that document.