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Use PCS7 Instead of Teleperm XP in a Power Plant
Is it possible to use PCS7 instead of Teleperm XP at the power plant


Has the PCS7 software ever been able to replace the Teleperm XP (T1000, T2000 or T3000) in the power industry?

If there is, please declare the name of the power plant, the startup time and location of the power plant.

There appears to be no logical reasoning why PCS7 should replace Teleperm XP - there are also rumours PCS7 is discontinued as a process platform.

From Siemens Forum:
Teleperm XP was developed by a separate division of Siemens, named Power Generation, dedicated to power plants. Teleperm XP is now called SPPA-T2000. The "normal" migration path from SPPA-T2000 is to SPPA-T3000, which supports the same basic power plant functionalities.

You can find more information on the Power Generation division website.(