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ENRAF FlexLine 990 RTD Spot Element Offset
Spot RTD Element shows 3C difference at SmartView with manual temperature reading.

One of our tanks has ENRAF FlexLine 990 Radar Gauge installed on it. We are using 1 spot temperature sensor (RTD) at the bottom of tank for temperature input to FlexLine gauge. The problem is that the gauge shows 3 difference in temperature with reference to manual temperature measurement.

I want to know how can I adjust the difference in temperature through SmartView. Is there any offset settings regarding the temperature that we can do through SmartView?

Spot temperature card (FII-RTD) is currently installed and commissioned in the FlexLine 990 Gauge.

An urgent help would be highly appreciated.

1. When you say a located at the tank bottom, you need to be more specific and the location of the manual reading relative to the tank bottom measurment stated.

2. You need to confirm that the sensor calibration (ohms/Deg) matches that in your monitoring device.

In poorly mixed tanks, you can have all sorts of temperature gradients.

If you are trying to measure temperatures with an uncertainty less than 1%, then you need lab traceable calibration of all sensors involved. It might be as simple as checking the ice pint calibration of a device in the field, but you really need a two point cal. check to be sure.