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Mark V HMI Disk Failure
Mark-V control system HMI hard disk failure.

We are using Mark-V control system for for gas turbine control with WindowsXp based HMI. our HMI was working fine; suddenly one day all the graphics gone and get the error message connection to the project lost and Cimlicity stopped. now we are getting the windows screen with icons/task bar and without turbine control graphics. Hard disk raid status showing Disk no-0 FAILED. Disk no-1 HEALTHY and giving message "A hard drive has failed and RAID volume is degraded."

Can anybody suggest how to fix this problem?

also what are the procedure to change the failed Hard disk with new one?

You should be able to power-down the HMI, remove the failed hard drive (it should be labeled as "0"), obtain a new hard drive, install the new hard drive and then re-start the HMI. The RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) should automatically copy the necessary information from drive "1" to the new hard drive.

But, it really sounds like something is very wrong with not only the hard drive, because a single failed drive in a RAID configuration should still allow the HMI to function until the failed drive is replaced and rebuilt by the RAID controller.

Hopefully you have a working image of the full drive from which you can restore both hard drives from. If not, you're pretty screwed.

It should be noted that the PC used for the GE Mark V HMI platform is a basic PC running MS-Windows, and the hardware used for the PC is nothing special. You could probably contract a local shop with PC expertise to help with restoring the hard drive--but if it's as bad as I suspect, and someone NOT knowledgeable has been mucking with the HMI trying to get it to come back, then you're going to need a good image to restore both hard drives from. The importance of recent images, using the Acronis software supplied by GE just for this purpose, cannot be overstated. It may be too late, and trying to rebuild an HMI using the GE-supplied Windows disk and the Control Solutions CD NEVER works. If you don't have a good image to restore from, then AS SOON AS you get a working HMI, MAKE AN IMAGE!

You can get an HMI from GE--it will probably take about three to five months, and will cost a LOT of money, and will likely require new PROMs in the Mark V (at additional cost and problems). Or, you can purchase an HMI from one of a couple of different vendors who have developed HMIs to replace GE Mark V HMIs. One is located in Austria (if I recall correctly, but I can't recall the name; I think their product is TMOS), and the other is located in the USA, CSE Engineering, Inc. ( should get you their contact information; I think they have another site for their ITC product, which is their Mark V and Mark VI HMI replacement product.)

I think both these suppliers can get HMIs faster than GE, and at a lower cost.

Please write back to let us know how you fare with your issue(s).