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TCI not starting error 1331.

Hello All

This is a 1 unit Mark6 with an HMI, running XP. I rebuilt the server HMI and am unable to get TCI, or the project, to start. I am testing our ability to restore an HMI. I am using an available Dell PC, as opposed to the HP brand supplied by GE. I used the images supplied from the original install, then updated the Unit directory with a recent copy of those files. I had to update drivers for the network card and established PDH and UDH network teeming. I shutdown the Server HMI and am attempting to replace it with this new box. I set the UDH and PDH IP addresses to what the Server was. I am able to Remote Desktop to the other HMIs and run the Cimplicity projects but alarms not coming, than I noticed the TCI does not start. It gives a message: "Error 1331:logon failure:Account currently disabled".

Please I need to help why TCI not started.


Are you using a UPD (USB Protective Device--a "dongle") in the new HMI? Newer versions of TCI require a dongle.

Trying to "build" or "re-build" an HMI like this is very difficult.

The better option is to create a VM (Virtual Machine) and run it using the VM software of your choice (such as VMware Workstation). That way you don't have to update anything, and the VM retains all of the original settings and values. You're basically just creating a new computer (a "virtual" computer) on another computer and running it using the VM software. It can use NICs (Network Interface Cards) in the new computer, and even the CD/DVD drive and USB devices. And, if you get a newer PC/computer with lots of RAM and a fast microprocessor, often the HMI VM will run faster than it did on the original hardware.

But I still think TCI requires a dongle to work properly.

Many thanks Mr. CSA. Really I have appreciated your help for every time.

When I put dongle, Cimplicity working well and all alarms coming.



Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear your problem was resolved.