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P&ID Diagram
Comparison of flow element and temperature element

Why in P&ID diagram we show FE (FLOW ELEMENT) while we dont know TE (Temperature ELEMENT)?

We usually only show a flow element if it's a separate piece of hardware. If it is an integral element, we would show it as FT or FIT if it has an indicator. The same applies for temperature TT or TIT, if it's integral TE & TIT if its a remote transmitter.

It depends also if your transmitters are to be read in the field. If not we would select integral and go with a TT. but if the transmitter has a display and the TE is not accessible, the TIT will be viewable from the platform.

You need to think about calibration as well. are you going to purchase an expensive HART communicator or are you going to configure the transmitter using it's integral display?

If you show as much detail on the P&ID as possible the installation contractor has no excuse for extras.

Hope this helps