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Low Oil Pressure and High Flow
Is low oil pressure and high flow in gas Turbine is a sealing problem?

Respected Experts;

Good day. I am from the control and automation side. We have a Gas turbine test skid where overhaul engines are tested at Factory acceptance requirement.

The machine is equipped with four tilt pad bearings each tilt pad bearing have 5 pads.

We notice that the main header pressure of oil is with in limit which is 60 to 65 PSIG. but the Bearing inlet pressure is less than the permissible limit that is 45 Psig but the oil flow is higher than the limit.

Someone said that Low oil Pressure and high flow indicates the sealing problem in the engine.

Is he correct and what phenomena behind this?
What are the reasons of the stated subject?

While main header pressure pipe is 2" in diameter and flow meters and other supply tubing to bearings is 1" and 3/4".

Please help me to find the reason and the theory behind this.

Thanking you , i will remain