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A demonstration of EtherCAT control of linear motors using the CTC EtherCAT master.
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Malting Process Automation
Looking for assistance in creating micro malting automation process hmi

I am looking to get a malting drum fully automated using an hmi. Is there anyone that has experience writing the programming for any all in one vessels that could point me in the right direction? I am assuming in order to run an hmi I will need a plc which in turn requires some code writing in which I am unfamiliar with. If I could find someone willing to write the code for me I am confident I can connect the dots. This process includes heating, cooling, humidification, operation of 3 duct dampers and it must all be performed in a 40-50 hour schedule. It must also be able to be modified "on the fly" in the event that the process is progressing to rapidly or too slowly.