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Modbus Test Software
Looking for recommendations for testing various Modbus links.

Looking for what other users have had good experience with testing Modbus links. I've used a software long ago but it was difficult to use so wanted to get an updated request out there to see what others use. Would like something to test various Modbus connections, various applications. I see has something (500$ for non members.) Again want to hear from what people have used or recommend...


By Bryan Steer on 22 December, 2017 - 6:45 pm
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I work a lot with Modbus development. I have found the best software to use is Modbus Poll The great advantage of this is that you can set up a number of polling registers and alias the register names and save the configuration.

I also has a number of formatting options to test, int's, doubles, reals, bit and coils.

I does not cost much and has been great value for me.

Free Windows ModHostNet from

I agree, Modbus Poll is an excellent tool and it's not expensive. You do not need to join

Modbus Poll can also be used with Enron Modbus.