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MARK VIe Controller Replacement
Replacing MARK VIe UCSBH1A controller

We are using MARK VIe system with UCSBH1A TMR system with processing speed of 667Mhz.

Can anybody tell the replacement procedure of controller, including IP assignment and loading the flash drive if required?


The documentation for the Mark VIe is actually pretty good.

If you can put together your own instruction set from the manuals and post it here, I'm sure someone will review it and make comments if necessary.

I have a procedure I wrote for UCSBH4A. I will send you if you provide a contact email address. I do not see a way to upload to this forum's website.

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This being a new year, I would like to propose that people with procedures like this post them to the controlwiki webpage of One of my few New Year's resolutions is to make better use of this repository, and make reference to it instead of referring people to use the (cleverly hidden) Search feature of

Here's the link to the main page of the controlwiki section:

This is a place to upload procedures and tips, hints and tricks and the like where they can be more easily accessed (perhaps, and hopefully).

Happy New Year to all forum participants, and ESPECIALLY to the Moderators, and the sponsors. We wouldn't have this space if not for you, and we don't often say thank you (certainly not enough!). Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and prosperous New Year, and many more in the future as well!

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Can u please provide the procedure to the below mail?

I need procedure of controller UCSB replacement. I have seen in document but it was available of UCCA. Please also send me on


would you please send me your procedure to:

Thanks in advance.

>I have a procedure I wrote for UCSBH4A. I will send you if
>you provide a contact email address.

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Be mindful if you are updating your ControlST software and which version your are updating it to.

Always a good idea to download a copy of the software onto your UCSBs controller to test that everything loads properly.

Could you please send this procedure to me also on my mail