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Controlling PMS with Fuzzy Logic
Looking for information on how to control a Power Management System using fuzzy logic
By Ebrahim Golidari on 30 December, 2017 - 3:43 am

Dear CSA,

I am trying to find new way to control PMS that we bought from Schneider electric with fuzzy logic. It's great for me if you can help me to study some references about it. We have 7 GTG and PMS to control it.

I study in master degree and I want to propose this type of control!!

Best regard

Ebrahim Golidari,

I have always thought this would be an excellent application for fuzzy logic.

However, I am unusually busy these next few months. I have zero free time for the next two-to-three months and a lot of travel scheduled for the next five months.

Thank you for asking and I sincerely wish you success in your effort. I do believe it's very difficult to write a PMS program that can truly deal with even the majority and certainly not all of the potential scenarios involving multiple units and islanded control (which is what I presume you are working on).