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Mark Vie Diagnostic Alarm Disable
How to disable unused diagnostic alarms?

We have upgraded Mark vi to mark vie. We want to disable unused diagnostic alarms. How to do? Is it recommended?


The commissioning person should NOT have been allowed to leave the site with any Diagnostic Alarms active on the Mark VIe.

Having said that, if I understand your post correctly, you are saying that unused I/O is causing Diagnostic Alarms--such as unused thermocouple inputs and unused 4-20 mA inputs, etc.

There should be a field in the Mark VIe card configuration to enable or disable Diagnostic Alarms for unused inputs (as there was in the Mark V I/O Configurator). Set those fields for unused inputs (and outputs, as appropriate) to NOT USED or DISABLE DIAG, save and then download to the appropriate cards, and that should be all that's required to eliminate those erroneous Diagnostic Alarms.

Hope this helps! (And, by the way--YES! It's recommended to disable erroneous Diagnostic Alarms, especially those for unused I/O.)