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Instantaneous Current Flowing Through a Line
What will be the instantaneous current flowing through the line?

Hello all,

My question is:

Consider an alternator producing 20 MW power, while consuming 20 MVAR i.e being under-excited. What would be the instantaneous current flowing? Since the direction of VARs is opposite to that of MW, will their currents cancel out each other?

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Reactive power and real power will not "cancel each other out". The combination of reactive power and real power is the apparent power, which is expressed as a complex number. The real part represents the real power while the imaginary part represents the reactive power. I would suggest you read through the Wikipedia article on AC power for a good high level explanation.

In your specific situation you have 20 MW of real power and 20 MVAR of reactive power, this is equivalent to 20*2 = 28.3 VA of apparent power. You did not specify the voltage in your post so it is impossible to say what the current in the wire will be.