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NAMUR 40mm Cylinder M30 Proximity Sensor
Where to find a proximity sensor?

I'm having difficulties in finding a proximity sensor following the complete list of specs in an automation project. It should be a cylinder M30 NAMUR inductive sensor, with a sensing range of 40mm and an IP65 enclosure.

Can anyone help me to find it?

I already looked at the Pepperl+Fuchs products. but selecting cylindrical M30 and 40mm detection range, it seems that no NAMUR products are available.


Have you tried Turck? I have a large catalog of their sensors from 2000.

Tried also with them.

They told me that there are no cylindrical sensors with a range up to 40mm in the world. I'll ask for details to the customer. Thank you

> Have you tried Turck? I have a large catalog of their sensors from 2000.

Then you should switch to Ultrasonic. 40mm is easy for that technology. I have been using one good for double that.

I found a couple of 30mm barrel inductive sensors with a 40mm sensing range from Rockwell, but they don't list NAMUR or their enclosure. You might try contacting your local Rockwell distributor for more information.