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Sending Flow Meter Information to RTU
Sending the flow meter information to RTU with keeping the 4-20 ma to base monitor.
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Hello everybody here,

I have flow meter, and it has single 4-20 ma. I want to connect this flow meter to RTU. This mean to using one signal repeater which has 4-20 ma as output (2 port) and at least on relay with contact (NO&NC) ( digital output) my questions are:

1- could anyone help me and give me the website of this repeater

2- if i get this repeater, how can i using the relays contacts as accumulator counter for this flow meter to able to send the counter’s information to RTU.

Best regards

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I do not think there's such a device anywhere. You must use something else and implement it. I guess you are in China. There are PLCs that can easily perform the functions you want and more. I know one chinese brand that has the modules you need to make this work. Please e-mail me to for more information.

If I understand your question correctly, I think you want to take a 4-20mA flow signal, and then convert it into a pulse signal (dry contact), which you will then use for totalization, is that right?

If so, then yes -- this is possible. I wrote an article about how to accomplish that very task. Here's the link:

I hope this is helpful!

P.S. What flow are you measuring (e.g. water, petroleum, gas,...)? And what is the flow meter that you are presently using? Please share the details.