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GE EX2000 Fault
Fault on the backup controller of a multibridge GE EX2000

We have a latched fault on the backup controller of a multibridge EX2000. The fault code is 22 (PHASELOS), it occurred on controller 2.

There are no other fault codes, nor are there any protection faults.

Controller 1 is the controller that is active. Controller 2 is the backup.

I have read through the GE documentation (GEH-6121). It offers up a list of possible faults, as well as how to attempt to clear a fault. A possible way to clear the fault is by pressing the reset button on the SDCC card. However, there is a warning in the manual stating, "the unit trips when a hard reset is initiated; do not reset when running." I'm not super experienced in working on or with the GE EX2000s.

It looks like to me if controller C1 faults over to C2, it would trip anyways.

Can I go ahead and attempt to reset the standby controller C2) without tripping the primary controller (C1)?