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Choking of Main Filters Due to Soot
Soot given off by the burning of sugarcane fields is choking the main filters of GE 9E gas turbine. We are looking for a solution

We are a Combined Cycle Power Plant based in the sugarcane-growing belt of Pakistan. During cane crushing season (November to March), harvested fields are set fire to, and the atmosphere gets rich with soot particles. This is choking the Donaldson GDX pulse-cleaned main filters on our Frame 9E prematurely. Upstream of the main filters are a coarse cloth, weather hoods, and pre-filters. Downstream is located an evaporative cooler.

I am hoping to learn what measures industries facing a similar issue have in place for protection from soot. The sugarcane field burning seems to be prevalent in Brazil, India and in the Glades region in Florida in the US too. Thanks in advance!

Do you have a prevailing wind direction? Would it be possible to build some kind of screen around the filter intakes? What kind of size is the debris? Can the soot not be pulsed back off the filters? Any photos, can you upload to