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Reading Flow Meter
Need help reading flow meter signals

In flow meter connect pressure and temperature transmitter by two wire in parallel connection and connected with flow meter type 2000. My question how read signal to pressure and temperature?

Elster Instromet model 2000. My question how read signal to pressure and temperature?

Thank you for posting the flowmeter model. It helps to know what you're talking about.

Snippets from the Elster Instromet Model 2000 manual at

1.0 Introduction, Section 1
A feature of the Model 2000 is that it can use digital communication to the differential pressure, pressure and temperature transmitters using the HART protocol eliminating the need for calibration of the Model 2000.

The Model 2000 is designed to be used with using the HART communications protocol. Typical transmitters are the Rosemount Model 3051C Pressure Transmitter and a Rosemount Model 3044/3144 Temperature Transmitter.

All communication with the transmitters is done digitally and the analogue signals from the transmitters is set to the minimum value and therefore cannot be used for monitoring purposes.

WARNING:- The transmitters are connected in parallel as a multidrop (HART) system and each transmitter must have a different address.

Your question: My question how read signal to pressure and temperature?

My Answer: The pressure and temperature transmitters are wired in parallel for HART multidrop communications. There is the stated warning in the manual the HART transmitters must have a unique HART address other than zero for HART multidrop to function.

When wired and configured properly, the flow meter reads the pressure and temperature variables as digital values via HART.

Whether the transmitters or flowmeter are configured properly is an unknown.

Thanks for you answer.