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Hyper Terminal Configuration for UCSBH3A
UCSBH3A communication through hyper terminal.

What is the hyper terminal configuration for UCSBH3A? I replaced the internal Flash and Sram of the controller. Now am trying to reconfigure it for a functional test. Can somebody got a procedure to reconfigure controller?


Normally you'd let ToolboxST do that, rather than trying to use a terminal and do it manually. Look at the "Controller Setup" section of GEH-6700, which should be installed with ControlST.

If you really want to connect over serial, which I don't recommend unless you are an expert, there are instructions in GEH-6808 (the "how to" guide), which for the UCSB boil down to 115200 baud, 8bit, no parity.


It is very very very very unlikely that you will need to telnet into the controller to reset it. However, I was confused, because you said that you replaced the internal flash. I do not believe that the UCSB had access to replace the internal flash cards. Only the UCSA was able to do that.

First off, how do you know that there is an issue with the controller? Where you unable to ping the IP address? Where you unable to download via ControlST?

Other things to consider:
Is Cyber SecurityST on this site?
What is the network configuration?
What was the root issue to cause you to re-flash?