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How to Compare Two Triconex PT2 Files
Looking for software to compare two versions of the triconex application

I have two versions of backups a Triconex process application. These files come in the format XXXXX.PT2. I have been looking for a software for comparing my two versions of the triconex application.

Appreciate if someone knows the right comparion software which works fine with PT2 files.

I believe that you can open a project with Tristation, then download it to the emulator NOT the running system. Then use the compare to downloaded project to open and compare to your other project. You may need a more current version of Tristation such as V4.X.

good luck

What version of tristation are you using? One way, check your project description. With your application tab opened without having a program opened go to your top tab project. It is at the bottom of your selections. See if numbers match. Displays as 02.07.11. First two numbers are the number of DOWNLOAD ALL changes. Second two are number of DOWNLOAD CHANGES. Third is number of DOWNLOADS TO EMULATOR (not important to me anyway). The numbers besides emulator are different you have a change somewhere. If not, they are same.