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Developing SOP for I&C Team
I am mandated to develop standard of procedure for the instrumentation and control department.

I was given a task to develop and implement full standard of procedure for the instrumentation and control department which I lead. The power plant where I work currently has twelve gas turbines which consist of seven Hitachi h25 and five GE F9e machines. The control system is GE MarkV both simplex and TMR. There is also GE Mark Vie control system that has TMR configuration. I don't know how to go about this as I assume this new position.

I kindly need help in this regard. My email is in case there is vital information to share.


It sounds as though you are starting with a blank agenda.....

What do you think is vital to have - Service Manuals for every machine and as much information you can acquire on the control system would be my starting point.

I'm assuming your idea of SOP (standard of procedure) is that of maintenance. If there are no present issues of maintenance, start a schedule of planned maintenance which includes instrumentation calibration.

In the end I'm certain the plant or chief engineer will let you know what their priorities are.

I'm in agreement with oneye14--it sounds like you haven't been given much direction.

In my experience, SOP means Standard Operating Procedure. It's mostly for plant operators. It could mean Standard of Procedure at your plant, and for the I&C department that would generally seem to refer to periodic maintenance procedures--and how to execute them and document they have been done properly.

I know it's very hard to ask for more information when you've been charged with such a project, but it just seems you need more information. Because you could put a LOT of work into something that management didn't really want.

Is there any kind of periodic maintenance program in place at the plant now? If so, is it easy to follow, or does it not have good procedures? How much training and test equipment do the I&C? technicians have? Are they familiar with the test equipment? Do they know where the field devices and instruments are located when they need to be checked?

There's a LOT you could do to get everyone in the I&C department up to a common level, and it all starts with training and familiarization. You can enlist the help of the more experienced staff to do training and familiarization, and to put together documents as needed.

And, as oneye14 said--the department needs unfettered access to all the operations and maintenance manuals for the power plant equipment, as well as for the test equipment.

If there's nothing in place currently, you are in for a LOT of work--but, again: First, it would be good to make sure you are doing what management wants done. No sense working on something they're not going to like. They have to be part of the process, also. (I know that's really hard in some parts of the world--but a smile when asking can help smooth the discussion!)

Thanks for the response.

By SOP I mean standard operating procedure. It will be more on schedule maintenance. I would appreciate if l can be helped with a format how it look like. I am new to this. My email is


As has been said to you, if you have the machine manuals, you could fairly quickly develop a maintenance plan from the machine maintenance manuals. This would give you something to show management and see where it goes.