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Flow Calculation
We have DP orifice 0~500 mbar. We also have P&T compensation and display value in MMSCFD

We have compressor application, the suction flow is measured in DP orifice meter 0~500 mbar. We have Suction pressure transmitter and suction temperature transmitter. customer want to display the unit in DCS as MMSCFD. Currently FT give the flow in DP value, PT in Pressure and TIT -temperature.

Please advise the formula for conversion.

By Ikhtiander - on 11 April, 2018 - 12:00 pm

Hi Ayyappan,

to calculate gas volume flow or mass flow based on differential pressure, you can use tools such as :

Daniel Orifice Flow Calculator:

with this tools , you will be asked to enter process value such as differential pressure across orifice plate, gas temperature and gas pressure together with orifice plate parameters such as inner diameter and outer diameter, pipe ID and OD and also fluid parameter such as density, etc then the flow rate (either in metric or imperial) will be come.