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Siemens OP27
Siemens HMI OP27 to PG communication


we have siemens op27 and a siemens pg. the OP has IF2 port(15 pins) and the PG has a 25-pin port and a female 9-pin port.

how can i do upload and download to OP27 with the software PROTOCOL? and i want to know that if i should press any keys on OP27 to activate the upload download menu?

thank you


Yes you can use 25pin black socket of PG. This is RS232 port.

You need prosave software for upload/download to HMI. You can use protool only for configuration and download to HMI if you have protool file backup only. You can go into loader with up and right key of HMI same time at power on. further you can download op27 manual from internet.