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PowerFlex 753 Configuration
Need to download project file to PowerFlex 753 CNET through RSLogix5K

Hi Guys,

I have made connection to the PowerFlex 753 module successfully, but when I tried to download the project file (*.dno*) to the module. There is always error as below:

The Error message: Error (WI1_N10): Peripheral I/O Module 24V at port 5 revision 1.008 was not found. Please create a database or download one from web updates. (

So it force me to delete the Peripheral.

What could be the reason?

Another question, What is the datalink and why I need to set it? and how I can test my VFD module after successfully download the parameters?

Note: the module PowerFlex 753 is configured via ControlNet

By Bob Peterson on 17 April, 2018 - 11:11 am

It won't let you download a configuration file if the hardware does not match the configuration file. Do you have this module in that slot? Maybe the module is not seated. Maybe it is defective.

Datalinks are just a way to map certain parameters into the I/O tree. You are not required to use them. They are for your convenience.

As for testing it, you would test it the same way you test any VFD. There is nothing special about testing a PF753. There are some functions built into the drive software you can use.


I have no experience with VFD, but I can say this module (I/O) is not available.

Usually which port the I/O module is seated?
Can VFD run without this module (I/O)?