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MTU Generators to Connect Al'York Chiller
Are our installed 3-MTU generators compatible to run the Al'York chiller

Dear Team,

Need Expert technical advice. If our installed 3-MTU generators (Model 16V4000) is compatible to run the Al'York chiller (Herewith the attached Specs).

PROPOSAL: To connect AL'York Chillers to MTU-Generators for Emergency supply

Power required for chiller unit and all associated system - AL'York Chillers


Chiller 1 1866 13.8 KV
Primary Pump 1 93.2125 380
Secondary Pump#1 1 260.995 380
Secondary Pump#2 1 260.995 380
Condenser 1 260.995 380
Cooling Tower Motor 1 75 380
Cooling Tower Filtration1 30 380
Chilled Water Filtration1 5.5 380
Cooling Tower Makeup 1 5.5 380
Chilled Water Makeup 1 0.55 380
Tertiary 1 18.7 380
Total Load 11 2877.44

Exist emergency load based on the previous load test- MTU GENERATORS

Exist emergency load consummation on Generator

Design Total emergency consummation Balance load
1000 KW 3Gen X 2000KW =6000 KW 5000 KW