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Connecting a Thermal Solar Plant CSP to the Medium Voltage Network
Connection of the thermal solar plant CSP to the medium voltage network.

Dear colleagues,

thank you for dedicating your time to answering my question.

I am working on my graduation thesis to design the electrical installation connecting a CSP plant to two loads. Below are the project guidelines:

* CSP rated power = 1 Mwe
* Load A
* Load B

- The CSP is connected to a 22kV grid.

- The CSP will power load A first, and if there is an excess in power generation it will also power load B partially or entirely (depending on the excess).

- The CSP and the utility grid will both power load A if CSP power output is not sufficient; load B will be powered by the utility grid in this case.

Are there any books or technical resources I can use to design this electric system? Are there any special equipments that should be in use?

Thank you very much for your help. All the best.

If you are connecting your CSP to a 22kV grid, not to Loads A and B directly, how do you intend to control the source of power for each load?

From what I recall of ETAP Software, this will provide you with practical configurations to suit. Although I would be interested as to how '...CSP and the utility grid will both power load A if CSP power output is not sufficient...