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GE MS7000EA Fuel Con
Engineering Identification of field devices

Hi Guys,

Hope to have nice day. I am looking for GE identification list or device summary for field devices. Is their any document which show how to assign device tag if you are adding something to GT field device which should be controlled directly by TCS?

Please send me if their any document i will be very thankful to all of you.



Can you be more specific about the device(s) you want to add? Is it a limit switch, a pressure switch, a pressure transmitter, or???

GE typically uses the ANSI Device Nomenclature Standard for device numbering, and adds one or two alpha characters to help identify the system and/or function the device is located in or providing.

But, you can call it whatever you want, as long as the signal name doesn't exceed the maximum number of characters allowed, and doesn't use some special characters (dashes are NOT good; neither are parentheses, for example).

Hope this helps! You can refer to your unit's Device Summary drawing for some hints about device signal naming. You can use your preferred World Wide Web search engine to search for ANSI device numbering documents; GE has posted one to their controls websites which is very helpful and applicable.

If you would provide some more information about the device(s) you want to add, someone on can probably provide some ideas for signal names.

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Take a look here

This should give you a start and follow your own Device Summary format.