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Simatic OPC Scout 2.3
Shortly,what I need: 1) Some manual/datasheet for Simatic OPC Scout 2.3 2) Some program example in C/C++/C# to create database from OPC (DB's in PLC)


I need the manual/datasheet for Simatic OPC Scout 2.3. I have a testing machine of pneumatic valves. It is controlled by Simatic S7-300 and communicate with LabVIEW 7.1 using OPC Scout 2.3. It is running on old Siemens PC with Windows 2000 (it has integrated Profibus for connect to PLC). I need to create some database from data in PLC. I am not good in C languages is there anyone who can help me with this? Is it possible or I have to for example generate the data in LabVIEW to .csv file and then use some C program to create database from it?

Thank you very much for any help.

There appears to be no manual for the Scout but the following may be helpful: