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Coriolis Meter Vibrations
Could external pipe vibrations cause errors in Coriolis measurement?
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Would pump vibrations cause an error in Coriolis meter measurement? There is a pump upstream from the Coriolis meter, and every second it vibrates the pipework attached to the Coriolis. I was told due to the high frequency at which the Coriolis tubes vibrate the pump noise would not effect the Coriolis. Is there any truth in this?

Interference by mechanical vibrations not likely, but you do have to consider the flow pulsations.

vibration should be limited for coriolis mass flow meters.

By Fabrício on 29 May, 2018 - 6:21 am

If the Coriolis flowmeter works in high frequency, the pipe vibration will not affect the measurement.

There are different ways to avoid it, and you can find different technologies on the market, such as the structure of the flow meter with inner box and an outer box or the torsion bar vibration system that will work to the same purpose.

Last, some brands also recommend installing vibration isolators before and after the flowmeter.

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