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Solenoid Valves and Ovation
After bypassing a motor operated valve to control a solenoid valve. Now I cannot control the solenoid!

I bypassed a motor operated valve to control a solenoid valve. Now I can't control the solenoid!

A bit of background, of course.

We had two valves being operated as a pair. The operation signal initially went to a motor driven hydraulically operated valve that would repeat the signal to a downstream solenoid valve. The first valve developed a short and we chose to simplify the system.

After the unused operator was removed I fabricated a junction box and connected the control wires that used to operate the motor driven hydraulically operated valve to now drive the solenoid directly. This left me with 5 wires, 3 for position indication and 2 solenoid operation. I have correct position indication, but I can't get the valve to operate. If I apply power directly, the solenoid will operate. At this point, I am unsure if I need to reprogram the logic. We use Ovation 3.0.2.

Any thoughts?

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In case anyone stumbles across this, I'll give a brief overview of the troubleshooting method and the actual fault.

Proper position indication was verified. Proper operation was verified through direct application of a 120Vac source to the solenoid. Continuity of the power lines showed about 2-3 ohm resistance. Checking at the relay showed no voltage. Moving the control signal to use a different board address and relay still showed no voltage at the relay. At this point it was determined that the neutral leg was not properly installed. A connection point was made to tie the solenoid power to the control cabinet neutral. Proper operation was verified.

I hope this helps someone!

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Thanks for the information! Glad the issue was resolved. Those pesky neutrals/earths/grounds, anyway.

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Thanks for providing your detailed troubleshooting process. That helps others seeking help when they search for solenoid problems.

An open neutral, huh? It isn't the first time . . .

It has more to do with how Ovation has wired its control cabinet. You have to tie in the neutral from the analog input cards to the relay and the solenoid. I am guessing the internal wiring makes the neutral line on the analog input card (AIC) into the neutral node for the cabinet, which makes both sides have to connect to it.