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GE Frame 1 Not Starting Up after MOH
GE Frame gas turbine with MARK 2 control system tripping without alarm up after MOH
By Ghulam Rasool on 30 May, 2018 - 3:07 pm


We have Gas turbine of GE Frame one 6.4 MW with MARK2 control system. we facing below mentioned problem. kindly expert opinion is required. Unit was successfully stopped for gas turbine MOH.

MOH was completed successfully. however, startup sequence of unit is not being complete as unit was tripping without alarm. Below mentioned action already has been completed however fault is still persisting.

1. Verified the health of speed picks

2. Monitored the speed pickup signals with recorder.

3. Speed ratio and gas control servo valve (MOOG) replaced.

4. Range of PCD (axial compressor discharge verified.

5. Dry run test of control system was verified and found successful.

It is important to mentioned that unit was tripping while purge time is being complete bleed valve being close.
Your prompt response will highly appreciate in this regard.

Your Faithful
Ghulam Rasool
Technician Instrument Pakistan petroleum limited

Is this the same machine in the Post "MK2 Startup Issue" posted by Haroon on May 29th. It's just kind of strange to get 2 x Frame 1 machines in a few days?

Your mail is not very clear. Can you confirm that unit trips when 2TV (Purge Timer) times out?

Yes, this is same frame 1 turbine which I posted on 29th. We still could not resolve the issue..

Details of progress shall be shared in original post shortly..

By sultan khan on 2 June, 2018 - 11:13 am

Hi Mr. Ghulam,

The unit tripped just at the moment of Compressor bleed valve closing and IGV opening time. Did the IGV open.

What were the Alarm activated just before and after the trip? What was the speed - VCE- start up status etc? Pls give all the details
so as to help you...