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Servo Output Suicide
ASV Servo 5 Output Suicide Solutions

We have D11 steam turbines and Mark VIe upgraded from Mark V. On our admission steam control valve, we have diagnostic Alarm ID 5497 - Servo 5 Output Suicide Active. I have the Mark Ve Application Guide. It is telling me for the Solution of this particular alarm: I need to check and correct configuration parameters for this regulator. I've not seen this anywhere, is this during the Calibration of the valve?

When did this Diagnostic Alarm pop up? After a maintenance outage? After a trip from load? After "calibrating" the ASV?

Suicides are usually configured in ToolboxST, under the Regulator tab. There can be a lot of "nested" options which have to be expanded to find the option you're looking for.

However, I strongly question the "advice" given in the Manual. Suicides are usually enabled when there's a serious problem with either the reference or the feedback for a servo-valve output. You need to check the feedback(s) from all LVDTs and check the reference for the ASV to see what could be the problem.

Usually, suicides are reset after they are cleared (resolved) by a MASTER RESET. But, they can only be reset after the condition(s) that caused them to be enabled are resolved and no longer exist.

Please write back to let us know how you fare in resolving the issue!