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Device Net motor run status as a safety shutdown

I might be old school but I'm going to throw this out there. Is it acceptable to use Device Net motor run status as a safety shutdown? I myself prefer hardwired DI, is there an industry standard?

Since Device Net is not fail safe, one would use a hardwired Emergency Stop as standard procedure.

By Ikhtiander - on 24 June, 2018 - 9:40 am

Hi Mr reverseconection

There is Safety version of Devicenet network called "Devicenet safety" that IEC-61508 certified with SIL level up to SIL3 to be used on machine safety and process safety.

So, yes, should be able to use motor run status or another type of shutdown trigger device, as long as the whole safety loop is Safety certified. Means all of devices that construct safety loop all the way from shutdown initiator to logic solver and actuator, should be safety certified.

In your case, your motor run status contact should be connected to Safety certified relay or safety certified digital input module. Those modules should be connected with Safety devicenet to safety controller as a safety logic solver, and at the end there will be safety certified actuator that should be controlled by safety certified digital output module. The DO module may connected to safety controller using Devicenet safety