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Problems Connecting Vijeo Citect and SCADAPack E
Unable to connect Vijeo Citect and SCADAPack E Config (SCADAPack 350 E), an error occurs instead.


I'm currently trying to connect Vijeo Citect (Master) and SCADAPack 350 E (slave) using Modbus TCPIP. I'm using SCADAPack E Configurator in configuring SCADAPack. I have a driver manager that can check if there's connection between the IP address of the scadapack and the IP address of Citect. It says it is connected but when I press the button start, an error pops up that says: "Invalid response ! (case 2: WSAGetLastError=0)"

I'm just wondering if y'all ever know what it means. I really appreciate any help. I'm very new to this so I'm really lost on what to do.

Have a nice day! Thank you.