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OPC Client for ABB PGP Server
OPC Interface for ABB PGP Server on Bailey Infi-90 DCS
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Dear Friends,

I would appreciate if someone helps me in order to establish communication between ABB PGP Server 4.1 and OPC Client. ABB says that they have enabled PGP Server for OPC Link and can be connected in HIPER RING as an OPC Client to get the data directly from PGP Server and has assigned RJ-45 port for connectivity.

I have available CD Rovisys OPC 90 Server version 4.3.4 which I suppose can work only with winxp and windows 2003 server. When i installed, it gives options OPC Server, OPC Client, Data Spy etc but I am scared. my plant is running how should establish the link safely.

thanks & regards

If they have enabled OPC, then you can test with OPC client (you can find free, some of then do not need instalation).