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Delta PLC Query
Facing a problem with Delta PLC.

Hello Everyone,

I'm facing a problem with Delta PLC. Previously i used DVP14SS11r PLC. Now I'm trying to download the previous Program from DVP14SS11r to DVP14SS211r. I have changed PLC from SS to SS2 Series. Everything is OK but when it goes to field only the Extension module is working. There is problem in PLC. Can you people please give any solution for my problem??

Shall we not use SS2 series instead of SS series?

or Shall we change the addressing?

Maybe you should create simple PLC program (interlock, jog) in SS Series. Then convert them to SS2 and see that it is wokring or not?

I have tried that also. It's working.

Should we change the addressing while converting to another series of PLC??

Maybe you write simple program like this to check I/O that there are something wrong or not

--|X00|-----(Y0) (For PLC Internal I/O)
--|X100|---(Y100) (For PLC External Module)

If This Program is OK, change PLC Type to SS2 and Run Program again. Then lets see the result.