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Controlling and Testing a Valve
Control the valve and test pressure rate of the flow


We are using Valve controller:

with an Arduino microcontroller to control the flow of water. At the same time, I need to test the pressure rate of this water flow. I need some best advice to set the pressure rate with these kinds of sensors so that we will be able to get the exact pressure rate.

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Your link is for an Output board that might (maybe) could drive a valve actuator, depending on the actual actuator. It also has various motor drive outputs.

Pressure needs to be measured with a pressure transducer/transmitter whose electrical output signal will be read by your Arduino as an electrical input to the Arduino.

You need a valve in the process that can add or release pressure depending on what you're doing.

An Arduino control algorithm has to determine whether the pressure it is reading is or is not at setpoint and determine how much to change the output to the valve actuator to get the pressure to setpoint.

Lots of things that are not part of the board you linked to.