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Magnetic Flow Meter for Waste Water
How to choose a waste water flow meter.

Please help us to choose a proper type mag meter.

Electromagnetic flowmeter for waste water treatment
flange type connection
Body material : SS316 electrode material
Flowrate : 180 m3/hr
With totalizer function

You might want to include the in-place, electrode cleaning option.

Your vendor will have electrode material options for the fluid chemistry.

Thank you for your valuable advice.

By Walt Boyes Netcom on 2 October, 2018 - 5:45 pm
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The only electrode cleaning option that works is removable electrodes (under pressure). All the other options "are like prayer" as the redoubtable Kristian Rademacher-Dubbick, the re-founder of Krohne AG once told me. "You have to believe that they will work."

Walt Boyes