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VSD Sizing
Sizing of VSD to allow VSD cable to be sized.


We know we need a 22kw motor to drive a centrifugal pump. This will be controlled by a vsd. My question is at this preliminary stage can we say that as the motor load will be approximately 42A, can we say that the vsd will also draw 42A and use this value to size the incoming cable to the vsd? Or do we work on the side of caution and say the drive will be the next size up (30kw) and use this to size the incoming cable?


By FATIH TURAN on 16 October, 2018 - 3:43 am

Approximations might be dangerous due to the fact that VSD output waveform is not sinusoidal and the frequency is odd. I suggest you to contact the VSD supplier for more information and/or spec sheets.