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Modbus RTU Communication
Want to communicate Siemens PLC to other Siemens PLC over MODBUS RTU Protocol. If possible, then how? A sample program with details will be a great help.

We want to communicate Siemens S71214C DC/DC/DC to other 1214C PLC over MODBUS RTU Protocol.

There are 6 PLC's that are needed to be in communication over MODBUS RTU Protocol. One will be master and other five will be slave. Any other mode of communication is not possible as the area around panel and panel itself restricts it. So only way to communicate is MODBUS RTU Protocol.

Communication module used is CM1241 (241-1CH32-0XB0)

We want to know that is, communication over modbus RTU is possible or not? And if possible, then we will require a demo program. It would be a great help.