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Hydraulic Torque
Hydraulic Torque manual calls to tighten bolt until no bolt further rotation, will this damage the gasket?

I have read all hydraulic torque manuals and including ASME PCC-1 which calls to tighten bolts through several steps and until the final round at which the nut no longer rotate at the final desired torque value.

However when I was doing an operation, at the 3rd round of 100%, and the consecutive 4th and 5th round, the nut still rotates during torquing. It is only through the 6th Round that it finally come to a stop, but when during disassembly, the gasket is found to be damaged.

I have checked and verified that the torque value and pressure applied are correct and consulted several people who says that you should not tighten the nut until it does not rotate. At max 2 rounds at 100% torque value as once the nut does not rotate it actually indicated that the gasket filler part has been overcompressed, and it is touching the metal part of the gasket, is this true?