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mA Input HART 9 Digit Display
Need to route the display output (Totaliser) from an E+H flowmeter to a location that could be accessible for data capturing

We need a mA input HART 9 digit display that could used to route the display output (Totaliser) from an E+H flowmeter to a location that could be accessible for data capturing, as the flowmeter is installed at height and that is the best installation position.

Kindly suggest panel display that is HART enabled with the following specification:

1. Required number of display: 9digit
2. Communication Protocol: HART
3. Source: Loop powered

Thanks in anticipation for the support

I'd be interested in seeing someone identify such a beast. I don't know of one. Two weeks ago, I wrote on another forum that I didn't think there was a dual output thermocouple temperature transmitter, yet within a day or two, someone in Australia located one. It's a big world out there, maybe there is an indicator that meets all those specs.

One issue is loop powering a HART master. I'm not privy to the HART spec, but I suspect that HART masters expect to have sufficient line, DC or battery power that can execute polls/queries and I'm not sure that's in the loop power realm.

Another issue is 9 digits. I know of full 6 digit panel meters, but I can't put fingers on a 9 digit meter.

I suspect you might have to get something like a Moore Industries HCS HART-to-Modbus (Modbus RTU slave) converter to read the total, and combine that with an HMI with a programmable display (HMI is a Modbus RTU master) in order to display a 9 digit total.

That assumes that you can configure the flowmeter to put the total into one of the 4 user-accessible HART variables.

By EDWARD LADD on 16 November, 2018 - 1:27 pm

There are two displays that will work using the wired HART protocol, but both have only 5 digits. The Moore Industries HIM and the Phoenix Contact FA MCR(-EX)-DS-I-I-OLP (not a cool name like HIM). Using the HIM you can re-transmit the up to 3 variables in 4-20 which could then be converted using an inexpensive analog display.