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Migration from MARKV to MARKVie
Communication between markvie and CS3000 Yokogawa by GSM version 3 side GE and version2 side Yokogawa


We have a migration of our MARKV to MARKVie which communicates with DCS by GSM version 2, and we must keep it to insure that communication to DCS. But GE are providing HMI server with GSM version3, and Yokogawa engineers said that it is not compatible with our CS3000. It is true?

Can we do a test before doing this migration?


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We recently upgraded from MKVI to MKVIe. Our original HMI's were Windows 2000. We have an Ovation DCS system that relies on GSM communication from one of the GE HMIs in the control room. I do not know or did I pay attention to what exact version of GSM was operating on the old HMIs.

I can say that the new windows 10 HMIs supplied as part of our upgrade worked fine on our DCS with no changes required. Not knowing the specifics of your GSM setup for your system, I can't say you will have the same result.

There are some newer and easier to use tools to diagnose the GSM communication when you get to that point. Hopefully you get a good set of field engineers for the upgrade project.

thank you sir,

may be you have been establish a communication beetween the new markvie and DCS by opc server can you confirm this please?

because that GE engineering team said that we must do some modification in yokogawa side.

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The GSM server in WorksationST defaults to GSM 1.0/2.0 mode unless the client specifically supports 3.0 (see GEH-6757). It should work, though there is never any guarantee any particular client and server are compatible in any protocol until you test it. I've never done it with Yokogawa.