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ESP MODBUS Addressing
Need ESP266 memory registry address that necessary for read and write words and bits from PLC

I have ESP8266 programmed to operate at MODBUS TCP/IP and PLC (LSIS) connected to router by Ethernet MODBUS. I made connection between them successfully (using P2P service found in PLC) through router, but the connection produce error. P2P service found to make connection between LSIS devices and other devices. This service requires inter the read and write memory address for ESP8266 with condition that the address must has 5 digit. Knowing that I use simple diode connection on GPIO pin-14. The problem is, when I search for ESP8266 memory map addresses,
I find it (0x60000360) 8 digit and this return error from PLC side.

Please could any one help me?

Best regards.